Managing yourself: How loving God can be a good grid

When it comes to managing yourself, a question to consider consider is: Who owns my feelings, thoughts, beliefs, , choices and behavior? The Great Commandment presents the different dimensions of self with which we are called to love God. Here is how it provides a grid through which we can view managing self.


12 Biblical affirmations for you

Biblical affirmations are declarations of God's truth, thought or spoken. What we believe shapes our convictions, actions and lives. While positive affirmations can bring encouragement and emotional support, they depend on our efforts which may not be sustained. Biblical affirmations are rooted in God's Word and rely on His initiative and sustenance, hence having deep, lasting impact.


Reviewing your faith foundation and your goals

What foundation have you built your faith on? July is a good time to review progress on your goals. Going back to the basic blocks you have built your faith foundation on is necessary as we tend to forget these simple truths when we get caught up in the demands and busyness of life.


Managing Transitions

Life is full of transitions. Transitions are beautiful but also tricky. Sometimes little transitions happen in life without us even realizing it. Here are some things that have helped me navigate transitions well


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